This is a ton of my origami. Of course, it isn’t even half of it. Most of my unofficial origami is in the photo here. The origami shown down there is either origami from my collection that has my ”neater” origami, or just really cool origami i made. The instrux for some of it is on the instrux page. (duh)

Man, the 6th Doctor has a weird way of dressing…

Q: is the 4th Doctor weird or awesome? Well, then again, all the Doctors are awesome, but still, is he weird? A: OF COURSE HE’S AWESOME, DUH!!!
P.S. the 3rd Doctor is not kirigami!!!

It is called “cover Yoda” because all the superfolders have been trying to get a Yoda similar to the one on the cover of Tom Angleberger’s book, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” (you should read it if you haven’t already.)

I also made 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10&11 coming soon…

Starlord & Gammora. Awesomeness. not kirigami.


This has been a public service announcement by Darth Vader.

This is Jar-jar binks and a battle droid. Both are my own creation. The Jar-jar is kirigami* the battle droid is not kirigami. Both are super awesome.

*origami when you cut the paper.

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