This is a ton of my origami. Of course, it isn’t even half of it. Most of my unofficial origami is in the photo here. The origami shown down there is either origami from my collection that has my ”neater” origami, or just really cool origami i made. The instrux for some of it is on the instrux page. (duh)

I used aluminum foil. It looks kind of wrinkled because, well, that’s how foil is. I think my specialty should be making things look like kirigami, but they’re not. Just advanced folding.

Had to glue on the bow-tie and coat, but still cool!

This was tough to fold. To get the mask & the arms at the same time? AWESOME! Not kirigami, just advanced folding. The claws I made out of tape.

With arms! new & improved! Not kirigami, just advanced folding.

Not kirigami, just advanced folding.

It was hard. It was tough. But I did it!!! not really that good, but not bad for a first try, right?

This is a really complicated Bantha i made up. It isn’t kirigami, just really advanced folding. It has the horns, legs, tail, and even a saddle!

So i made a cool werewolf. it is basically just a Mace Windu with a couple of extra folds. And a torn-up robe.

This Halloween, Yoda is having trouble deciding what the scariest thing to be. He could be a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster or…. the most HORRIFYING, TERRIBLE, DISGUSTING monster of all……… BARNEY THE DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the background is a blood curdling scream followed by annoying music.)

I folded this cool (and tricky) Ventress! It was kind of hard, since i had to force a lot of the paper. Sorry, can’t give instrux. Forgot how to fold it…

i didn’t make the 12th Doctor yet, but i will sooner or later. this one is the 11th Doctor

origami image of guardians of the galaxy characters

Ronan the accuser & Drax the Destroyer… deadly…dangerous…freaking awesome… not kirigami…

You do know that these guys are one and the same, correct? if i ever open a blog page, I’ll explain it completely to those of you who are confused about this, O.K?
and, no matter how hard it is to believe, you cant change the truth, and the truth is that the 10th Doctor is not kirigami.

Rocket & Groot, my 2 top favorite characters in the movie. Also they both are not kirigami

maybe i could actually type some interesting stuff in here if i actually watched Doctor Who…

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