This is a ton of my origami. Of course, it isn’t even half of it. Most of my unofficial origami is in the photo here. The origami shown down there is either origami from my collection that has my ”neater” origami, or just really cool origami i made. The instrux for some of it is on the instrux page. (duh)

Tom Angleberrger has instructions here. For the heads, anyway.

3rd try. My best one yet.




Instrux for the Dalek are here

cool, huh?

DON’T BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally started watching Doctor Who and it is AWESOME!

Instructions are here.

It was a good year… And now, there are finally instrux for Rocket Raccoon!

Santa Yoda. XD LOL

Cool! I made up how to fold these myself!

Got instrux from the book: The Joy Of Origami

Christmas is right around the corner! And if you don’t have a corner, then maybe it’s across the street. This is a simple origami Saint Nick. I have instrux on the origami instrux page (click here).

This is an Admiral SACK-bar puppet. I got instrux from the Star Wars Craft Book. It’s pretty cool!

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