This is a ton of my origami. Of course, it isn’t even half of it. Most of my unofficial origami is in the photo here. The origami shown down there is either origami from my collection that has my ”neater” origami, or just really cool origami i made. The instrux for some of it is on the instrux page. (duh)


not that good..

Cool, huh? They are based off the ones on Tom Angleberger’s book, The Secret of the Fortune Wookie. And I worked HARD on these.

In case you don’t know, this is a religious symbol. So even if you’re not a christian, (but I hope you are) this is still cool! Made from a bunch of sticky notes. I bet you can figure out how to make it…


Sorry, kirigami. But still cool!

Pretty cool!

Not kirigami! STOOOKY!


This isn’t kirigami. The hair is entirely folded.

Needs to be changed up a bit, but still cool!

“Good to meet you Rose! Run for your life!” and “Uh, could you not fart while I’m saving the world?” are some good quotes of his.


Not bad, eh?

Cool, huh? Instructions are here.

Not from the new show, but still cool!

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