Facts about Noah Borges A.K.A. MasterfoldrGrievous: Hobby: Origami (well, duh) Fav. STAR WARS characters: Kit Fisto, Admiral Ackbar, General Grievous, Mace Windu and Yoda. Fav. STAR WARS movie:  episode I, The Phantom Menace Location: Secret This site is focused on origami, (The folding of paper) but it also has comix and other cool stuff!  Like…


[pjc_slideshow slide_type=’comixss’] Welcome to the comix page. These are some comics that me and my cousin Michael made. Go ahead and read them. (If you can read the handwriting of Michael & myself.) The ones that I made have bad handwriting and messy art because i made them when i was like, 8 years old.

Origami Stuff

This is a ton of my origami. Of course, it isn’t even half of it. Most of my unofficial origami is in the photo here. The origami shown down there is either origami from my collection that has my ”neater” origami, or just really cool origami i made. The instrux for some of it is…

Jar-jar is awesome

This is Jar-jar binks and a battle droid. Both are my own creation. The Jar-jar is kirigami* the battle droid is not kirigami. Both are super awesome. *origami when you cut the paper.